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Jabra GN8000— Universal Telephone Headset Amplifier
gn_8000_mpa Multipurpose amplifier
The GN 8000 multipurpose amplifier connects a headset to virtually any phone. It enhances the quality of calls by reducing background noise and providing a consistent, volume level for calls. It also provides advanced hearing protection, and comes with headset/handset switch to easily direct your calls.
Manufacturer's Suggested List $120.00
Global-Teck Price



Jabra GN8050 Multi-Media Amp N Netcom 8050— Multimedia Amplifier

GN# 01-0125

2-in-1 Amp for Phone/PC
Universal computer /telephone amplifier. Connects a single headset to a telephone and PC.
Easily switch between telphone and MAC or PC computer. Universal plug-and-play compatibility.

Manufacturer's Suggested List $150.00
Global-Teck Price



Jabra GN8210 Digital Telephone Headset Amplifier N Netcom 8050— Multimedia Amplifier

GN# 8210-05

2-in-1 Amp for Phone/PC
GN Netcom 8210 MPA - Multipurpose digital amplifier. Provides compatibility to most phones when needing to use a GN headset. Additional features including mute, headset and microphone volume as well as acoustical noise protection.

Manufacturer's Suggested List $150.00
Global-Teck Price
Jabra LINK 220 USB Adaptertcom 8120 USB Headset Adapter (for Softphones)- Desktop version




Jabra #220-09

The Jabra LINK 220 USB Adapter enables plug-and-play connectivity with corded Jabra headsets and PC-based audio/voice applications.This makes it the ideal solution for contact centers that want a smooth and cost-effective transition to IP telephony.


Manufacturer's Suggested List $93.00
Global-Teck Price

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Jabra LINK 280 USB Adapter





Jabra #280-09

The Jabra LINK 280 USB Adapter enables PC connectivity and full softphone integration with GN Netcom's Quick Disconnect headsets. With user-defined call controls and mutliuse connectivity, it enables a cost-effective transition to Unified Communications.

Manufacturer's Suggested List $139.00
Global-Teck Price



JABRA GN AT3— Two Prong PJ 327 Telephone Headset Amplifier
gn_at3 The unique AT3 offers a field replaceable headset cord and a 90° bend to minimize space and position the controls for easy access. Features include full range volume control, voice switching to reduce background noise, GN Netcom’s FailSafe™ Compression to ensure constant speaker output, as well as a patent pending circuit that intercepts acoustic spikes.
Manufacturer's Suggested List $110.00
Global-Teck Price



Jabra HT Two— Answer Only Headset TelephoneN
gn_ht2 The GN HT Two high-volume outbound contact center tool is the ideal choice for contact centers and service bureaus with predictive, preview and/or progressive dialing capabilities. Connected to any analogue telephone network, the GN HT Two takes the place of both the telephone and the headset amplifier on your desk. Product has been discontinued.
Manufacturer's Suggested List $112.00
Global-Teck Price

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